Hard to Place, Not Hard to Love


The first view of lush, green fields through damp cloud is all that is needed for my heart to skip. To flood with feeling, familiarity…

Up in the air, on the airplane viewing it from above, I am removed and yet so close. 

Returning to the country I left is something necessary, that must be done, something that I want to do. Almost functional. Until this moment—so close touching down—when it becomes real, immediate, present.

It is always tinged with regret and sadness. Knowing that I have moved on just as the country has, just as my friends have. Unable to go back to how it was, for better or worse.

But among all these changes is one constant: the love of family. That is “Home” to me.


These images were made in London and Hastings on a trip to back to the UK in August 2015. Many of these images were first published in real time as part of an Instagram takeover for Documenting Britain. They are dedicated to my family, and to Stuart Pilkington who gave me the opportunity to post to Documenting Britain’s Instagram feed.
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