The Singing Hills exhibit at Camp Good Life

26 September 2022 

Photographic prints hanging in a marquee

The Singing Hills was exhibited at Camp Good Life, 16-18 September, in Hawarden, North Wales. 

It was great to be part of an event where pertinent conversations were being had, such as that between Darren Chetty and Richard King (author of “Brittle with Relics: A history of Wales 1962-1997”) and the discussion with Andrew Welch, Cerys Hafana, Grug Muse and Darren Chetty, who all contributed to the book “Welsh (Plural): Essays on the Future of Wales”. 

The prints were hung DIY-fashion in one of the workshop marquees. It was lovely to see people wandering in to look at the photographs, or participants take a look before or after their workshop. I had a number of great conversations about the project with some of these people. 

Black and white photo print hanging in a marquee

Aside from my own contribution it was a lot of fun to find out about music, literature and poetry new to me through the events and live acts organised by Heavenly Recordings and Caught by the River. My family and I also tried a few of the workshops, did the adventure trail up to the historically important ruins of the old Hawarden castle, had a quick dip in the cold lake and ate open-fire cooked food. All-in-all, a great weekend. Thank you to all involved, especially Tara Gladstone, Will Merison, Michael Bennett and Diva, Jeff and Andy at Caught by the River. 

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