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Photo by Alex Brydon


I am a photographer and writer available for commissions based near Farnham, Surrey, in south east England, just 45 minutes from London. I also regularly work in North Wales. 

I was born in England to English and Irish parents and grew up in North Wales before moving to New York for 15 years to pursue scientific research. In 2018 I returned to the UK This background informs my work, which explores personal connections to place, the land and natural environment, and how each of those and the connections between them are changing. 

This is also true of the work I produce that concerns science and health. My research on viruses led to a wider interest in human health and subsequently the concept of One Health, which recognizes the interconnection between people, animals, plants, and their shared environment. 

My ongoing project on people of North Welsh heritage in the northeast US has been exhibited at Northern Eye Festival (2017) and was awarded a commission from the Welsh Parliament in 2019 for exhibition around Wales in 2019-20. 

At a fundamental level I pursue what I am most curious about, and as a former scientist I find that photography and science are both reliant on a curious nature and keen observation of the world around us. 

Professional memberships:

Member of Kiln Photo Workshops (Badshot Lea, Farnham)
Resident at Little Acre Studios (Rowledge, Farnham)

"Seek light, keep moving", American poet Maggie Smith

Selected clients & features include: HSBC, Sterling Publishing, The Pirbright Institute, The Western Mail, The Western People, Documenting Britain, Stellazine, Rear Curtain, Pictory.  


2020 - Photo Fringe; Phoenix Art Space, Brighton
2020 - Guildford Institute
2019-2020 - Many Voices, One Nation, exhibited at:

  • The Senedd, Cardiff
  • Aberystwyth Arts Centre
  • Redhouse Merthyr Tydfil
  • Galeri Caernarfon - cancelled due to COVID-19

2017 - Northern Eye Festival; Oriel Colwyn
2014 - DUMBO Arts Fest; Gleason's Gym, Brooklyn, NY


2015 - Documenting Britain; Hard to Place, Not Hard to love
2013 - Stellazine (Stella Kramer); Dara, Life with MS
2012 - Rear Curtain, issue 3; Holiday Displays of New York
2012 - Pictory magazine; Portrait of a place, Paris
2011 - Pictory magazine; For the love of the game
2011 - Pictory magazine; Handmade

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