I am a photographer, writer and former scientist. 

At a fundamental level I pursue what I am most curious about. After all, photography and science are both reliant on a curious nature and keen observation of the world around us.

I am based near Farnham, Surrey, in south east England, just 45 minutes from London, and am available for commission.


Email: edbrydon<at>gmail.com 
Twitter: @edbrydon
Instagram: @edbrydon

Photo by Alex Brydon


2019-2020 Many Voices, One Nation 
The Senedd Cardiff
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Redhouse Merthyr Tydfil
Galeri Caernarfon

2017 Northern Eye Festival; Oriel Colwyn
2014 DUMBO Arts Fest; Gleasons Gym, Brooklyn, NY


2013 Stellazine (Stella Kramer); Dara, Life with MS
2012 Rear Curtain, issue 3; Holiday Displays of New York
2012 Pictory magazine; Portrait of a place, Paris
2011 Pictory magazine; For the love of the game
2011 Pictory magazine; Handmade

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