Many Voices, One Nation Book

24 June 2021

Cover of the Many Voices, One Nation book

I recently travelled to Ffotogallery in Cardiff for the launch of the Many Voices, One Nation book. The book is a collection of the work that was produced for the two “Many Voices, One Nation” commissions. I’m delighted that images from my project “The Singing Hills” were included. It is great to see it in print. 

My work in the Many Voices, one Nation book

Thank you to Ffotogallery for putting the book together and thank you to the Senedd for the initial commission. There are projects from 19 other photographers and visual artists in the book, and it is well worth exploring their diverse and important work. They are: Abby Poulson, Antonia Osuji, Cynthia MaiWa Sitei, Ethan Beswick, Huw Alden Davies, Jack Osborne, James Hudson, Jo Haycock, John Manley, Jon Pountney, Kaz Alexander, Luce+Harry, Lucy Purrington, Matthew Eynon, Michal Iwanowski, Mohamed Hassan, Nik Roche, Rob Law and Zillah Bowes

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