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Thank you for valuing the work I do and making a contribution, it really does all help. Your support will go towards travel and equipment costs to make new work, as well as forthcoming prints, zines and books. There are several ways in which you can make a contribution, outlined below.

Buying a print, book or zine

Your investment

Perhaps one of my images, series or projects prompts an emotional reaction in you. It might be evocative of something that has happened in your life, a story you've been told or something you feel passionate about? Maybe it reminds you of somewhere you’ve been before, somewhere you hope to go, or your family history?

Investing in a print, book or zine manifests your connection to the work. It provides an emotional touchpoint that you can revisit in your own time and space. Your purchase directly funds the production of new images in the development of an existing or new project, making your support part of the process. 

You can choose from a selection of items in my shop and read more information on my shop info page. If something you have seen on my site or social media feeds is not available in the shop please do email me to enquire about how we can make it happen.

Buy me a coffee

Small contributions help in large ways

But for COVID-19 we'd be able to meet up and get a coffee in person. One way to make a contribution is though my page at: Buy Me A Coffee

It's not just about getting a coffee, it helps more than that. 

Normally we'd likely meet up to chat about work, collaboration, ideas, the photographic or freelance life, resources or even business stuff. There are other ways we can still do that though, so do get in touch.

And next time, it's my shout, ok!

Affiliate page

We've always shopped at independent bookshops where we live rather than ordering online whenever possible; Greenlight in Brooklyn, Little Joe's in Katonah and now Blue Bear in Farnham. is supporting independent bookshops through online ordering, especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have curated a list of books that have provided me with inspiration and information pertinent to my projects.

If you order through my affiliate page at not only do you help support your nominated indie bookshop but you also support me as I receive a 10% commission on the order. More information can be found here.

Find books on my affiliate page:

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